Attracting an audience to read your blog can be a tough task. It takes some work and technique to build an audience. At the start, it can be frustrating but once you experience the benefits you will never want to quit it. By attracting traffic to your site, it helps in building a social media audience. Below are some tips on how to increase traffic on the blog?

  • WRITE MORE: updating your blog regularly will help you in receiving more traffic. The blog containing fresh content is often listed by google on high priority. So, if you want to gain more attention from a search engine then update your blog at regular intervals or say twice a week.
  • EYE-CATCHING TITLES: the titles are the first thing noticed by your reader. It is almost more important than the content. Depending upon the titles, readers decide whether they should click and read more about it.
  • PROMOTE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: whenever you add new content on the blog make sure to share it on your various social media platforms, including, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Try spending your time by cultivating networks and share content, social media platforms can become a great source to increase traffic.
  • KNOW YOUR NICHE: while your interest may vary across various fields like sports, health and fitness, sea life, and traveling, this might confuse your audience. Always follow a clear theme. Decide on your target audience and focus on what they want to read or what kind of message you want to convey.
  • INCLUDE KEYWORDS: keywords are the soul of SEO. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your site is by having a good keyword strategy for every content you upload. Try to search for the most searched keywords or a phrase that a reader might use to find the post. Use that key phrase in the title of the content, main heading, and in between the content at least twice or thrice and also as a part of the page link. Keyword concentration helps Google in understanding what the page is all about. This will in turn lead to more traffic from search engines.
  • INCORPORATE BACKLINKS: when you write about a certain company’s services or product in a blog, make sure to include a link that will direct towards the company’s page. Readers appreciate it when you make available the resources and make it easy for the readers to find the things they are looking for.
  • ADD SOCIAL MEDIA SHARE BUTTONS: always include social sharing buttons at the top or bottom of your blog post. This will make it easy for the readers to share the content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.
  • ADD PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: including photos makes the blog visually more appealing. Google has direct connectivity with YouTube which can help in driving more traffic to your site. Include short videos along with your written content to make it more informative and entertaining for the readers.

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