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Name Chef Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a sort of web hosting where a single physical server hosts multiple sites. By keeping low-cost many users utilize the resources on a single server. Users can host their website files and each gets a section of a server. Hosting of hundreds of users is done by shared servers.

Functioning Of Shared Hosting

Multiple sites are hosted by a single server using shared hosting. A few hundred to several thousand numbers are ranged depending on the available hard drive space, RAM, and processing speed. These resources are used by a much greater number of clients and this hosting is on a machine that’s identical to a dedicated server.

Storage of each website user account’s file & any applications are done through separate partitions on a server and each has its file directory tree.

Access to either the root or to each other’s files by users is not possible and all accounts on the shared server share computing resources of the webserver.

Benefits Of Shared Hosting

There are many benefits to select for shared hosting. Below are a few basic features of shared web hosting:

  • Less Expensive
  • Flexible
  • Easy To Self-manage
  • Can Host Multiple Domains
  • Professionally Managed
  • Host Dynamic Websites

Observe These Things

There are a few important bases to think about when choosing between shared hosting providers. Observe these few things which are given below.

  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • Traffic
  • Resources
  • Limited Customization
  • Support

The features provided differ from host to host but the style of hosting might be the same. Narrow down your options by choosing a host that provides these features which are given below.

  • Disk Space
  • Control Panels
  • One-click Install Applications

Why should we choose shared hosting?

There are some things you can count on when it comes to starting a website for the first time. An original website will need much in the way of bandwidth. Further, it’s hard to see how much space you’ll need unless you are 100% certain on the size of the content and images you will produce and this shared hosting offers a flexible solution. The right choice of shared hosting for your website is given below.

  • Have little experience with web hosting
  • Want to keep the price down
  • Are designing a small business website or something personal
  • Doesn’t require access to extensive web programming
  • Studying applications like WordPress
  • Running a big business or start-up

•        Experimenting with web design & coding


NameChef Shared Hosting
NameChef Shared Hosting

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