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Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine

Samsung presents a powerful model of a 6.2 kg top load washing machine with special benefits. The innovative and unique technology helps to clean clothes thoroughly and removes stains and also protects the delicate fabrics from damage. This machine is a Fully-Automatic washing machine affordable and easy to use.

We provide an appreciable wash quality with our special featured washing machine. You can have the following benefits with the technology we provide.

Special Benefits

  • Diamond Drum
  • Magic Filter
  • Eco Tub clean
  • Quick Wash
  • Child Lock
  • Center Jet Technology
  • Five Water Level
  • Additional Cycle
  • Air Turbo
  • Auto Restart
  • Tempered Glass Window 

Soft On Clothes

Diamond Drum helps you in protecting your clothes from damage, it has a unique ‘soft curl’ design. These unique diamond-shaped ridges wash clothes gently and effectively, even delicate clothes are washed smoothly. It has small water exit holes to protect the fabric by preventing the clothes from trap and damage.

Powerful Filtration & Easy Cleaning

The Magic Filter helps in gathering the lint, threads, the particles which come out of your clothes to give you cleaner laundry. This also protects your drainage from clogging. 

Keeps Machine Fresh

The Eco Tub Clean helps in keeping the top load washer fresh without using any chemicals. It gives you a notification when it needs to be cleaned and is very convenient.

Quick Washing

For a busy life, this washing machine is perfect for you, for its Quick Wash program. It helps in cleaning the clothes fastly and effectively.

Keeping Selected Wash Cycle

This special feature on the Samsung washing machine helps you lock the buttons that you have selected for the cycle. Except for the power button, every button on the control panel will be locked when the Child Lock is enabled.

Prevents Tangled Laundry

The Center jet technology generates jets of water from the center of the pulsator, this helps in improving the washing effectiveness by lifting the cloths which fall upon the pulsator surface, therefore, prevents them from tangling.

Other Benefits

  • It has 5 water levels, which use 28 gallons for one cycle.
  • It has different cycles for different washes – Blanket cycle, Delicates cycle, Eco tub clean. Additional cycle – Normal, Quick Wash, and Soak Normal.
  • It has an Air Turbo drying system which makes your clothes dry faster with its high speed.
  • A dual cluster control panel for easy use. The ice blue LED provides you with clear information with its elegant beauty.
  • The machine contains a strong durable tempered glass door for you to see everything inside.


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