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Stepping outside the home can be an easy task but not at the cost of ruining the health of hands and feet nails. Heat and dust won’t spare you anyway. In this fast-pacing world, we get little time to take care of ourselves. So, why not utilize this time to pamper yourself. Maintaining the nails of your hands and feet is more than just the occasional luxury experience. They are several benefits to invest in manicure and pedicure. VLCC Pedicure and Manicure kit comes with all the benefits to cater to your needs. It comes in a handy package and is also travel-friendly. Adding cherry to the cake the kit is cost-effective too. Isn’t it amazing!?


 BOX OF HAPPINESS: VLCC Pedicure and Manicure kit contain 5 products:

  •       Pedi glow Hand and Foot Cleanser
  •       Myrrh Cuticle Oil
  •       Pedi glow Hand and Foot Cream
  •       Cocoa Butter Hand and Foot Cream
  •       Orange Anti-Tan Pack



VLCC Pedicure and Manicure Kit are designated in such a way that your skin will thank you later. The combination of unique and natural products helps you get beautiful, healthy tips and toes. The kit will provide an additional glow, health, smoothness to the skin of hands and feet.

Natural ingredients are safe to use and smell heavenly. Enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients it helps maintain healthy nails, cuticles, and supple skin on hands and feet.

  •     COCOA BUTTER – the name only can make you feel hungry. But, stop control your hunger. Cocoa butter present in hand and foot cream will satisfy the cravings of your hands and feet skin. It nourishes well the nails and skin giving it a smooth touch.
  •     WALNUT– walnut has been used as a scrubber for centuries. Say goodbye to the dead skin cells which makes your skin dull and unhealthy. Walnuts will exfoliate the dead tissues while lemongrass stimulated the circulation of blood.
  •     ORANGE OIL– orange oil contains vitamin C and vitamin E, a great combination to get back the lost glow. It will help in lightening the tanned skin.

         The VLCC pedicure-manicure kit is ideal for getting supple, soft, and smooth hands and feet. This kit saves you money which is great for all the sections of people whether you are a student or an office-person. It can reduce your parlor visits thus saving your time and giving you ME-TIME. Utilize your lazy holidays by trying our combo kit and relax your body. This kit is worth buying if you have a busy lifestyle. you can easily do 10 sessions of pedicure and manicure with the VLCC pedicure and manicure kit. Use this product twice a week for a better result.



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